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Tariq Zabian

Tariq meets Alex. They were working together to disrupt consumer exploitation in Egypt through launching a new version of dubizzle, the popular classifieds website from Dubai.

Alex Hutley

With the advancement in mobile tech & growing dispensable income, there was an opportunity to increase the mobility of items. They developed a product, pitched it to the board & got it patented.

Patent: Systems for electronic exchange of information about available items

pic of patent


pic of ben

The first iteration of Shedd is born, known then as dubizzle instant. It allowed people to share what they owned and underused - from screwdrivers to watches to powerboats.

pic of phone
pic of phoneinhand

Our "Why" is established - Make better use of the world’s possessions.

pic of postit

6 months of tinkering, tweaking and fluffing peaked at 5 users all at once. It wasn’t going to plan. We scrapped the app and went back to the drawing board.

pic of 5users-it
pic of tariq-in-shair

Nobody wanted to share power drills.

pic of flyer

But women kept selling handbags

54% of the average woman’s wardrobe is made of items used once, never to be worn again. Coupled with an exploding fashion industry, we knew we could make better use of the world's possessions.

pic of bushra
Bushra Shahid
Senior iOS Engineer
pic of Fadeelah
Fadeelah Al-Horaibi
CX Lead


Following successful tests in Lebanon and a launch in UAE, Shedd got it’s first funding of $1M by dubizzle and started expanding it's team.

pic of screenot of twitter
pic of screenot of twitter
Mo Mostafa
Android Engineer
pic of neon


pic of Starah
Starah Esponja
CS Team Lead
pic of Costanza
Costanza Brusasca
Digital Marketing Manager
pic of Rafal
Android Engineer

Quickly the Shedd way of life took off, with thousands of everyday women trading their unworn fashion, and celebrities joining in to auction off limited items donating funds to good causes.


Following the run-away success of Shedd in the UAE, the goal was to test a second market with entirely different characteristics. Enter Bulgaria.

Early 2016

pic of snow
pic of Spas
Spas Slivkov
pic of Plamen
Plamen Noninski
pic of Plamena
Plamena Disanska
pic of Victoria
Victoria Vasileva
pic of raf sleeping

The sleepless nights began to pay off when we not only saw exponential growth of the core Shedd platform, but also a strong brand launching initiatives such as ASOB (All Shapes of Beautiful).

pic of lady in red

All shapes of beautiful

pic of Ben
Ben Cohen
Head of BI
pic of Jeethu
Jeethu Rao
Backend Engineer
pic of Anaam

As we started scaling up operations, more support was needed to moderate content & engage with our users. In came a hub in Jordan to expand the international flavour of Shedd.

كيفك حبيبتي؟

Late 2016

pic of bondi
Shedd ventures down-under to test Australia as a potential market.
pic of queen

Bulgaria launches <em>queendom.</em>

pic of David
Android Engineer
pic of ayoub
Ayoub Dardory
Backend Engineer

The Sheddnesday Intern programme is born. A fiercely competitive ‘Apprentice’ style initiative to unearth the brightest talent in the UAE – Enter Rebecca and Angela the first recruits.

pic of rebecca
Rebecca Gill
Marketing Intern
pic of angela
Angela Alexander
Marketing Specialist


pic of ivan
Ivan Yordanov
Mobile team lead
pic of gilles
Gilles Van Den Peereboom
Senior iOS Engineer
pic of Mark
Mark James
pic of Ashlee
Ashlee Pham
CS Team Lead
pic of group pic
pic of driver
Driver #1

Frustrated by how the big shipping providers worked, we created our own courier service, connecting buyers and sellers with ease and speed – our record was 1hr 12minutes, from tapping "buy" to delivered!

pic of office
pic of office

Shedd finds a new home

pic of office
pic of office
pic of office
pic of coffee
pic of luke
Luke Chircop
Product Lead
pic of Eleonora
Eleonora Zucconi
User Experience Researcher
pic of michel
Michel Khoury
BI Analyst
pic of Molham
Molham Bakir
UI Designer
pic of Sven
Sven Herzing
Head of Engineering
pic of Alan
Alan Steiman
iOS Engineer
pic of Asher
Asher Anjum
Backend Engineer
pic of Sezen
Sezen Sayoglu
Country Development Manager

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